Walkie Talkies & Their Uses

walkie talkies have been used in many capacities for a number of years. They've even been around longer than cell phones and are still used today by many individuals and businesses for many purposes.

What is a walkie talkie

A walkie talkie is basically a transportable two-way radio. They are small and light enough to be carried in-hand or attached to a belt. They are equipped with a speaker to talk into and a microphone to talk into. In the field, two or more people are issues the devices to be able to communicate with one another when separated. When someone has something to say to the other person they are separated from, they simply press a button and talk into the speaker. There is a limit on the distance this communication can take place before the devices no longer transmit or pick up transmissions. Years ago, walkie talkies were a bit bulky but today they are very compact and lightweight and some more elaborate ones have special features built in. A number of companies sell these devices and they can be bought online or in most electronic stores. The varies depending on the features you would like to have. For example, it is possible to get waterproof or weatherproof devices. The more features included and the more rugged the device it, the more it will cost. However, a better-made and durable one will last longer and be less likely to break down in the field. There are accessories available too but not all are necessary such as cases and headsets.

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What are Walkie Talkies used for and who uses them?

Walkie talkies are used to send quick messages back and forth over a relatively short distance. In some instances while in the field or on the job, it's cheaper, more convenient and safer to use these devices over cell phones because there is no worry about dropped signals and you can use them for an extended period of time without worrying about going over on your minutes. Some professions that often use these devices to communicate include military, department stores, large call centres and restaurants, park attendants, security guards. Some jobs sites, in industrial settings, use a walkie talkie system for safety reasons as cell phone can cause sparks and other dangerous situations that these devices don't. Due to the fact that so many businesses rely on this type of communication to keep things running smoothly and safely means that each walkie talkie made today is sturdy, safe and reliable.

Walkie Talkies for Personal Use

These devices are also used in recreational settings. For example, outdoor games such as hide and seek, paintball or scavenger hunts make the game more interesting when teams can communicate with one another. Hunters use them in the forest to let their partners know their position or to inform them when a target is spotted. Anyone in an outdoor situation where they may be separated from their partners can make good use of having a walking talkie. As long as they are within range, the transmission of messages will work so there is no concern about a lack of signal as there is with a cell phone.